User Panel and Authentication

User Panel

Through the User Panel, You can access: Usage statistics, Subscriptions, API token, Access rights and Billing details.

User panel was able to access the user.

  • To list all the register fields: This will able to see the user to list all the fields.

Register Fields

  • API Usage and API Tokens : List all the subscriptions made by the user and to access the API token

Usage and Token

  • Account details: Let user to view and update the user details.

Account details


An authentication system is now in place. This system is the verification of the credentials of the connection allowing agile and flexible access to Vultus’s API. Vultus will facilitate a unique token to each of the farming platforms to access to our API. This token should be added in the request header in order to trigger our API.

Before you can request to our API, make sure you have a token for authentication. You can access the API token from the User panel if your token is expired or you cannot access the token, You can contact to request your own token. The token is used to grant you access to the API and measure your consumption of data, it should, therefore, be kept secure and not be shared outside your organization.